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Installation & Base Options.

All flagpole installations should be engineered to comply to the specific site requirements on a project basis. Windloads, soil conditions and flag sizes will all imapct on the choice of flagpole or banner pole selected.

Autralian Flag Company can assist in the selection of the appropriate product for your site and can provide full structural computations specific to your project if required. (subject to quotation).

Spigot Base: The spigot is a galvanised steel tube that extends into the concrete footing and provides for a simple and low cost installation. Spigots are recommended for smaller domestic and commercial flagpoles up to 7.0mtr. They provide a robust footing that can be DIY using a rapid set concrete mix.

Spear Base: Used for small flagpoles (up to 6.0mtr) that are installed on a temporary basis for use at exhibitions, field days etc. In severe windloads or excessive size flags the use of a spear footing may be limited.

Flange Base: The most common method for fixing a flag or banner pole. Used in most commercial and permanent locations, the flange base is secured using hook bolts that are cast into a significant concrete footing. This allows for easy adjustment and leveling of the flagpole. Footing sizes are determined by windload, flag size and soil composition. This should verified by an engineer.

Hinged Base: A hinged base allows for the ease of lowering the flagpole to ground level without having to remove it completely from its footing. Usually a standard feature on 'Rota-Arm' banner poles where ropes are not used. It allows for ease of flag/banner changeover and repair without the need for use of reach trucks.

Frangible Base
: A standard feature for most roadside flag or banner poles. They are designed to shear in the event of an impact by a motor vehicle reducing the point of impact . The pole is likely to dislodge from its base at time of collision. Regulations vary from council to council, state to state. It is important to check the requirements with local authorities to confirm when frangible bases are required.

Indoor flagpole base