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Like many promotional companies today, the Australian Flag Company started at home in the back of a garage in 1982. The first customer was 34 Squadron and the company name in those days was called Emblem Supply.

At first the demand for embroidered badges was enormous and we supplied to all Air force squadrons throughout Australia. After having bought our fist fax machine we soon had to buy an embroidery machine as demand for embroidered towels became apparent.

Only one year after that we opened a shop in a shopping centre and everything started to bounce of each other. Personalised Monogrammed towels were the flavour of the day and never in our wild dreams did we think that we could not keep up demand.

Hence the birth of Personally Yours!

More machines were bought and more shops were opened just to keep up with demand. Slowly but surely, garment embroidery started to take over our production and having shops in shopping centres was not in fashion anymore.

1987 the bicentenary year of Australia saw the birth of Australian Flag Company. Many flags were made and imported and many trips overseas saw the establishment of long lasting relationships with various manufacturers.

In 1988 we diverted to glass etching and Fine art glassware was born. Machines were bought direct imported from England and subsequent trips were made to master the craft of glass etching.

To incorporate all these companies we established A2AA Enterprises Pty Ltd this and is now the umbrella under which all of these companies are still in operation.

To have been able to grow thus far was not without the good help of my dear wife Nilda. Together as a team with many of our dear staff we have growing in to a well-established company.

Our main objective has always been on a quality product with a focus on good service. Our success is mainly due to our staff and their level of commitment. Their team spirit is the success that has led this company what it is today.

At present we are re-developing our website and are continuously working on the new craze of doing business. So here we are today, with the experience of yesterday, still working on tomorrows future.

Thank you for taking time to visit our site and if you are in this part of the woods, please call in for a coffee; you're more than welcome.